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UKCheapNewCars.com is aUK company specializing in offering substantial discounts to car buyers via the internet. Our service offers you, the buyer, the cheapest possible price on new cars directly from the dealerships.

You will be buying directly from the Manufacturer Approved Franchised Dealers with substantial discounts as we put you in touch with them through our services. The sale will be between you and the dealer. Your transactions are free of a middle man as we are not a brokerage. Our goal is to guide you to the cheapest main dealer for your sale who will give you the best deal available.

UKCheapNewCars.com are a professional and respected company that strives for excellence in customer service by ensuring your questions are answered by our qualified and trained staff. We carefully select UK car dealers to ensure your eligibility for UK warranties and local deals.

We do not sell pre-registered cars. You are the first owner and therefore there is no confusion with previous owners, insurance or warranties, and what name the vehicle is registered under.

We offer financing with all our vehicles should you choose. You are also able to arrange direct financing through the manufacturer or through another source to get the best financing option. We do not force you to purchase financing through our company or offer expensive rates as an option. Keep in mind that special rates on vehicles can be applied in addition to our discounted vehicle pricing (e.g. 0% financing or cash back options).

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